"With 84% of WRKO listeners owning their own residence, I don't know why we didn't add The Money Pit sooner. Tom and Leslie drew local callers their very first weekend, and response will only accelerate into spring and summer fix-up season, especially after this punishing winter."

Phil Zachary
Former VP/Market Manager
WRKO, Entercom Boston

"I cringe when a station hires me, and a competitor has already snapped-up The Money Pit."

Holland Cooke
Program Consultant

"The Money Pit is produced extremely well… I listened for a 10 minute stretch the other morning and I must’ve heard 4 distinct calls or issues discussed. The editing is sharp… the show sounds line produced but there’s just enough caller interaction left in there to give the impression that it’s just a well-screened live show where the callers know not to waste time with “love the show, I listen all the time,” etc. All weekend/self-help/advice shows should be produced like this."

Adam Thomas
Former Program Director
Newsradio 102.9 KARN

"When I programmed KNRS in Salt Lake City and added The Money Pit, to our sales department, The Money Pit meant new clients. In my world, Tom and Leslie have the knowledge and chemistry to consistently deliver a top-shelf weekend show aimed right at the HGTV crowd."

Greg Foster
Former Director of Programming, KOA AM
Denver, CO

“The Money Pit Home Improvement Minute is a great programming match for WCBS NewsRadio 880, especially in the current economic climate where we are all trying to find ways to save money and spend what we have in a smarter way.”

Tim Scheld
Director of News and Programming WCBS AM
New York, NY

"Tom and Leslie not only help their listeners improve their homes in the most efficient ways, but they generate a dazzling level of on-air electricity that's fun to listen to."

Michael Harrison
Editor & Publisher, Talkers Magazine
New York, NY

"The Money Pit has been a valuable addition to our weekend lineup. The subjects you cover are excellent and timely, along with the sparkling personalities of the hosts and a very upbeat presentation, make it one of our most saleable weekend programs and an anchor on our schedule for many years. You guys make boring home fixups entertaining! And the audience loves the giveaways!"

Benji Carle
General Manager, NewsTalk 1240 WBCF

"These days, every show must deliver great radio and create great revenue. The Money Pit is the perfect tool for both those needs."

Phil Boyce
Former VP, News/Talk Programming, WABC AM
New York, NY

"The Money Pit is the model for the future of syndicated programming."

Paul Giammarco
Former Program Director, WPRO
Providence, RI

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