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Westwood One is moving all programming delivery from the XDS platform to the Wegener platform. The Money Pit is now available via the Wegener distribution platform. If you have an active Wegener receiver, all shows are available to schedule via ShowDirector at https://showdirector.westwoodone.com (see tech site below for instructions).

If you do not see these programs available for your station, they will be added as quickly as possible as Westwood One works through our affiliate list. This process takes time so please be patient and check ShowDirector periodically for access as stations are being added daily.


If you do not have a Wegener receiver, Westwood One will be shipping one soon and we ask that you install and call or email Westwood One to activate the new receiver upon receipt or as soon as possible to avoid the rush.


Here are the relay conversions:


Local Break U05 = Wegener Relay K1

Station ID U06 = Wegener Relay K2

Rejoin U07 = Wegener Relay K3


The end-date for all programming still remaining on the XDS platform will be May 31st (5/31) and then Wegener-only moving forward.


If you have any technical questions, please visit https://technology.westwoodone.com for installation questions, relay information, and scheduling help documentation. If you do not find the answer to your question(s) or need to activate a receiver, please call the Westwood One 24/7 support line at 888.435.7450, options 1 then 2 or email noc@westwoodone.com. Call volume will be high during this transitional period.


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